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School Crossing Patrols Saved

The future of Derby's lollipop men and ladies looks to have been secured after councillors initially said they would scrap funding for the service.

Amanda Solloway calls for 30mph limit on part of Raynesway

Amanda Solloway has called for a 30mp limit to be placed on part of Raynesway that has seen a sharp rise in the number of serious collisions. The speed limit is currently 50mph all the way along the carriageway but Mrs Solloway, Conservative MP for Derby North, believes it is now time to reduce i

Fly Infestation - Update

I have recieved a number of correspondance regarding the infestation of flies within Mackworth and concerns that little is being done to tackle to problem. Last week I wrote to both Derby City Council and the Department for Enviroment and Rural Affairs to press them for urgent action to be taken; See below the letter sent out to Derby City Council: