Mental Health Awareness

I am passionate about Mental Health and addressing the key problems that those directly or indirectly effected by the illness face. I am delighted that this Government has taken the long overdu step of placing it at the same level of priority as physical health, and more money is now being invested than ever before. 

I will continue to hold events and raise the issue in parliament to ensure that the positive progress being made continues.


  • In May I held my Forward Thinking Mental Health event in Derby. It was attanded by individuals, businesses, organisations and charities to cover all apsects of Mental Health as a topic. The Minster for Mental Health also attended and was going to report his findings back to the Department for Health. You can see more about the event here.


  • I ran the 2016 London Marathon for Rethink Mental Illness, a charity that offers amazing support for those effect by Mental Illness. Click here to see how much I raised and what time I compleded the marathon in! 


Appointment as Rapporteur on Mental Health to the Joint Committee for Human Rights

The Committee has appointed Amanda Solloway MP with a remit of exploring, through informal meetings, contacts and visits, issues of concern in relation to mental health when approached through a human rights framework. Amanda will report back on each issue to the full Committee, which may then choose to seek written or oral evidence, and possibly produce a report on that subject.

 Amanda Solloway said:

 “I am very excited about taking on this new role of Rapporteur on Mental Health and Human Rights.  It will give me the opportunity to be a stronger voice in Parliament for people experiencing mental health issues.  Approaching mental health from a Human Rights perspective means that I will be able to focus on key areas for improvement, and ensure that the rights of vulnerable people are safeguarded wherever possible.”