Extra roads resurfaced near you in Derby North

I know how significant a priority it is for constituents that the condition of our roads is improved and I have been emphasising the necessity of more funding to my colleagues at the Department for Transport and am delighted that Derby City Council received £352,000 from Network North and £491,600 from the 2023 Spring Budget, increasing the authority’s award to £3,608,600 for these works. This represented a real terms 30% increase in their grant for road repairs from the DfT this past financial year. 

Derby City Council have now published a list of the additional road resurfacing and pavement repairs made possible during this past financial year courtesy of this Government investment and these include:



Abbors Barn Close - Carriageway patching  - Large scale resurfacing due to heavily potholed road - £50,000

Leman Street - Road Resurfacing - renew the condition of assets in much-needed locations - £54,495


Chaddesden North:

Max Road - Carriageway patching - Junction renewal Max Road/Renfrew Street - £12,674

Hereford Road - Carriageway patching - Junction renewal Wiltshire Road/Tewkesbury - £22,469



Alfreton Road - Carriageway patching - Junction renewal Mansfield Road/City Road Roundabout - £19,813

Bath Street - Carriageway patching - Large scale patch next to Derby Homes garages - £7,812

Windley Crescent - Road Resurfacing - £44,928 (to be completed)



Old Hall Road - Carriageway patching - Junction renewal Old Hall Road/Burton Road - £7,598

Old Hall Road - Carriageway patching - Junction renewal - Church Street - £8,469

Bretton Avenue - Road Resurfacing - This scheme will delivered by Miles Macadam - £105,000 (to be completed)


Mackworth & New Zealand:

Muswell Road - Footway patching - Large scale FW patch outside 22-24 - £3,044



East Avenue - Carriageway patching  - Large scale patch outside 4-12 - £11,103

Ladybank Road - Footway patching - Large scale FW patch next to 77 adj to Field - £16,780


Furthermore, following the publishing of my Pothole Reporting survey, which you can fill out by following the link below, I have reported the following potholes/roads in need of attention: 

The right-hand lane of the Kingsway Roundabout and Markeaton Roundabout, Wardlow Avenue, Kildare Road, A601 Holmes Bridge Northbound & towards Derby City Centre, where Notts Road Chaddesden joins Pentagon Island, Junction of Buxton Road and Max Road.


According to the Derby City Council report, this additional investment facilitated an additional 20,217.63 square meters of road resurfacing across Derby. These works included junction renewal at the Alfreton, Mansfield and City Road Roundabout in Darley, the resurfacing of Abbors Barn Close in Abbey, the resurfacing of Amber Road in Allestree and a planned resurfacing of Garrick Street in Alvaston. In total, 34 roads saw improvement work varying from full resurfacing to patchwork, junction renewal and pavement restoration with six further projects scheduled for delivery this year. 


Derby City Council have also employed a strategy of, where possible, conducting small-scale patchwork to reduce the need for repeat visits. Instead of filling individual potholes, their report states that they will “ensure the repairs extend to part of the asset which is of sound construction” to improve the longevity of the asset. Furthermore, the authority has trailed a new road repair technique titled “Velocity Spray Injection Patching” which “has exceptionally low carbon emissions as no excavation is required when treating potholes and other defects in the carriageway.” Derby City Council are set to receive another £352,000 for road repairs from the Network North scheme this financial year, as part of a larger £20,545,000 of additional funding they have been allocated to receive between last year and 2033/34.  


I was delighted to learn that following the Government’s decision to reallocate money earmarked for HS2 Stage 2 to Derby, we have seen a meaningful improvement to our road network. In Derby North, we benefit from 4,889.63 square meters of additional resurfacing alone. I know many constituents share my strong desire to see better roads and I am pleased this has been recognised with a considerable commitment to uplift Derby’s budget for road repairs by over £20 million across the next 10 years. Any constituents with outstanding pothole concerns are very welcome to contact me and I will be sure to raise these areas with our local authority. You can fill out my pothole survey by following this link: https://www.amandasolloway.org.uk/report-pothole


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