I'm going live to answer your questions!

On Thursday 26th November, I'm going to be broadcasting live to take your questions about the issues that matter to you.

It’s so important for me to be able to reach out and talk to people across Derby about the issues that matter to them. Not everyone can come to an advice surgery, so to be able to beam myself live onto people’s computers and have them ask their questions from the comfort of their own living room is a really good thing.

I think this is a really exciting time for democracy. It’s so important to be able to hold our politicians to account, so I’ll be going live for 1 hour at 6pm on Thursday 26th November. I hope that people from all over the constituency will be able to join me, and have a decent conversation about the issues that matter to them. Leave your questions in the comments HERE, and head to my Facebook page on the night to watch the broadcast.