Plans for Derby app so public can donate to homeless charities instead of giving to beggars

An idea has been revealed for an app so Derby people can donate money to homeless charities instead of directly to beggars.

Organisations which attended a meeting held by Derby North MP Amanda Solloway came up with the idea of launching the app so the public can give homeless people details of the nearest shelter and help centres. It also means they have an opportunity to donate money straight away, instead of forgetting about it by the time they get home.

The plans come after a warning from Derby City Council not give to beggars because many are 'professionals' who have homes to go to. Instead, the council suggests giving to a charity directly.

Mrs Solloway is now appealing for funding from a company to develop and create the app.

She said: "The idea of a phone app is a fantastic idea that will enable the public to give instantly on their phone to a local charity or organisation rather than handing over cash to an individual, which sadly can sometimes be used for drink or drugs.

"This very simple but highly effective idea will allow people to offer support without encouraging someone to feed an addiction or habit. I also feel it will really help to increase the amount local organisations receive in donations, who subsequently will be able to help more people as a result.

"I genuinely believe this will enable the general public to give compassionately to a good cause, safe in the knowledge their money will be spent on actually helping rather than adding to the issue."

The meeting, she hosted which was held at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Green Lane in the city, happened as result of speaking to key leaders and organisations from across Derby who have an interest in tackling the issue of homelessness and specifically rough sleeping.

She said Jackie Carpenter, of Derventio Housing Trust, was instrumental in coming up with the idea.

Jackie said: "It seems like a really positive solution. We had an excellent idea and a number of people came up with the app idea.

"We need someone now to look at funding and designing this app."