Amanda Solloway hopeful of night cafe provision in Derby

MP for Derby North, Amanda Solloway is hopeful of organising the provision of a night café in the city for people suffering mental health issues.

Amanda has been a long time campaigner for raising awareness around mental health issues and the impact on all concerned when a family member or friend suffers from poor mental health. Amanda continues to have ongoing meetings in the community and recently met renowned artist Sarah Graham who not only shared her story as a sufferer from Bi-polar, but also shared an idea of establishing a night café. Amanda loved the idea so much that she has been talking to interested parties to see if this is a possibility

What struck Amanda the most about this idea is that Sarah said she is absolutely convinced that had there been a night café near where she lived, her suffering would have been eased significantly, with this in mind Amanda has been talking to people who might be able to help with this project

Amanda Solloway said:

“Mental health unfortunately touches so many lives in a multitude of ways in varying levels of severity. For a lot of people with mental health issues the darkest times, when they feel the most desperate, are likely to be between 10pm and 4am, when family and friends, who are normally there to help are asleep, the quiet, early hours of the day can present the biggest challenge. Rather than call the Samaritans or walk into a clinic sufferers tend to opt to suffer alone in their homes. In a bid to combat this I very much would like to see the introduction of a night café in the city, which quite simply is a place for someone to go, should they be suffering a mental health episode, where they can sit in a safe environment, talk if they wish to or at least be somewhere other than their own home”.

The proposal coincides with today’s speech from the Prime Minister, Theresa May MP regarding mental health and a package of measures to tackle the issue. Part of the announcement includes £15 million of funding to provide crisis cafes and community clinics.

Discussions have already taken place between Amanda and potential providers of a night café facility. The YMCA have indicated they would be willing to provide this service at their premises on London Road in the city, also Baby J the Managing Director of Baby People on Forman Street, a music and arts charity that provides help and tuition to disadvantaged young people, have also expressed an interest in running a night café and are looking into funding to install the appropriate equipment at their premises.

Amanda continued:

“From the meetings I have already undertaken it is fantastic that there are local organisations who clearly recognise the need and the benefit that would come from a night café and I will continue to work closely with them to make this come to fruition. I very much welcome the announcement from the PM regarding all the assistance the government is providing towards tackling mental health and I look forward to seeing the city benefit from any funding that is available. We do have a real opportunity to provide a service, which albeit in a small way will be of genuine value to mental health suffers and I will certainly be looking to the Government to be assisting in in any way it can”

Amanda will be hosting her second Mental Health day on May 2nd and is delighted that Sarah Graham has agreed to be the keynote speaker