Amanda holds bullying workshop at Derby College

As part of Anti-bullying week 2016, Amanda Solloway held an anti-bullying workshop at Derby College Joseph Wright 6th Form College. It was an opportunity to bring together 20 students from the college to discuss bullying, its different forms and the impact that it can have on people. The students we split in to different groups and looked at the four main forms of bullying, physical, social, verbal and cyber, they then presented to the rest of the class their thoughts on what bullying each form may look like, how it might be carried out and the reasons why they may be targeting a certain individual. 

A key part of the workshop was also asking what more our communities and their college could be doing to tackle bullying and support those who are effected by it. There was fantastic engagement from all who took part in the session and the honesty and openness that was shown contributed to some great feedback being given. Amanda Solloway will be putting together a larger bullying event early in the New Year and the information that was gathered during the workshop will go some way to supporting what will be carried out at this event.