My Plan

Before I was elected, I launched My Plan to stand up for Derby North. As your MP, I'll be working through this plan to get a better deal for local people.

  • Improve Education

    I hope that by working with schools and government we can improve the standard of education our children receive in the city

  • Securing Good Jobs & Training

    Today there are 171,000 more people in work across The East Midlands and in my constituency of Derby North the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and Universal Credit has fallen by 1,731– a 67 per cent drop – since 2010.

  • Tackling Local Crime & Safety

     A key part of My Plan was to create a "Safer Derby" and I said that I would launch a real campaign to cut crime, helping local people feel safe on the streets and in their own homes.

  • Improving Transport To Keep our City Moving

    Transport links are so important for local epople. Linking Derby to the rest of the country is the key to boosting our economy and creating jobs, skills and opportunities. I'll keep campaigning to improve transport links across Derby, around the Midlands, and all over the country. 

  • Oppose unwanted housing developments

    A key part of My Plan to stand up for Derby North is to tackle unwanted development.I know how important it is that we build more houses, but they need to be in the right location, and it’s not appropriate where there is massive local opposition to them due to pressures on schools, local facilities, and our already stretched road network.

  • Mental Health Awareness

    Mental Health is an issue we are often scarred to talk about, that is way I am determined to raise awareness both locally and nationally to ensure we are provide the best possible care and support so people do not have to suffer in silence