I often get asked to sign Early Day Motions (EDMs). I have now been appointed a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and by convention, ministers do not sign Early Day Motions (EDMs) as to do so would likely breach the convention of collective responsibility. 

I really believe that there are far more effective ways to stand up for local people in Parliament, and this is a key part of My Plan to fight for the residents of Derby North.

As a result, if you are a constituent of Derby North  I can take action in many more effective ways on your behalf, including lobbying colleagues and raising issues with ministers. This is a much more cost effective and valuable way for me to work for local people.

If you do have a problem that you think I can help with, please do get in touch using the details on my Contact page. It’s my job to stand up for local people in Parliament, and I will always try my best to work on your behalf by taking your fight to London.