Tackling Local Crime & Safety

A key part of My Plan was to create a "Safer Derby" and I said that I would launch a real campaign to cut crime, helping local people feel safe on the streets and in their own homes. 

In Derby we have recently experienced growing levels of knife crime within the city, both out in our streets and in several disturbing cases within our schools. I have met with local police to discuss this growing issue and felt reassured that they are doing all they can to tackle the growing trend of knives in our city. Furthermore I also raised my concerns to the Home Office in the House of Commons to make them aware of specific cases, receiving reassurances that they will monitor Derby.

Another big issue is doorstep cold callers. Local people have told me that this has become an increasing nuisance over the past few years, and I know that many residents do not feel comfortable answering their door to an uninvited visitor.

I've launched a simple but effective "No Cold Caller" campaign. The distribution of cards which can easily be displayed in the corner of a front window, and are an effective tool to stop people knocking on your door.

Constituents regularly contact me about antisocial behaviour of all aspects within their neighbourhoods, and I welcome receiving any concerns or problems that you may be experiencing in your areas. We act as quickly as possible to highlight your concerns to relevant organisations to try and get the problem eradicated, and the first step is for you to let me know of specific cases. So if you do have a problem of ASB that you would like addressing or make me aware of then please contact my office and by working together we can make your area and Derby as a city a safer and friendlier place to live.