Save Our School Crossing Patrols

The future of Derby's lollipop men and ladies looks to have been secured after councillors initially said they would scrap funding for the service.

Derby North MP Amanda Solloway, who started a petition to save the school crossing patrols that was signed by more than 1,000, said: "I am delighted that the council has seen sense on this issue and decided to continue to provide school crossing patrols. Our lollipop men and women provide a vital service for our school children and give peace of mind to parents knowing that there is a safe place to cross on some of our busiest routes. It was very evident from the response to the petition I launched to save this service that there is strong public support for crossing patrols and it is clear Derby residents were not prepared to stand by and watch them disappear, this is a resounding victory for common sense.

"I understand however that money that will save this service could potentially come from cutting concessionary fares for OAP's on certain bus routes. Without knowing the full detail of the usage of these services and the impact it could have it would be inappropriate of me to pass comment at this stage. However, giving with one hand and taking with another is not what I consider to be either a productive or efficient way to ensure the continuation of public services. I await the council's consultation proposals, which I am sure will create a lot of interest."